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Why Text?

Text Messaging or texting. in short, is the most effective communication & marketing choice. 99% of text messages are read within 2 minutes of receipt! That’s 20 times more effective than email, which has an average click rate of under 5%.
Most of your clients love texting and use it daily. They’ll like to use it with you, too!


Personalized Texting is an approach to boost the performance of texting significantly.  It is achieved by applying the following principles:

  • Each text message is individualized for the target recipient by addressing them by their Name
  • Each message is timed to be sent on the day and time when it will have the highest effectiveness for the target recipient
  • Each message contains the offer/reminder/content that is individually relevant to the target recipient
  • All texts are sent from a regular phone number in the local area code and not from a so-called “shortcode” (can be 5 or 6 digits).
  • Supports the ability for bidirectional human-to-human conversation via texting as well as voice calls

Marketing Tax Services

Personalized Texting is an approach to boost the performance of texting significantly. It is achieved by applying the following principles:

Textellent offers a unique Personalized Texting service designed with Tax Professionals in mind(US Patent 9,756,487). Using the principles of Personalized Texting mentioned above, it also combines the best practices for marketing & communication.

The result is that you enjoy the benefits of proven tax marketing practices while saving many hours of work each day!


  • Cross-sell your various services around the year
  • Boost referrals for all your services
  • Increase retention rate by staying in touch with clients in the off-season
  • Send birthday & holiday greetings automatically
  • Position yourself for strong growth in the next tax season

Textellent enables you to establish a deep relationship with each of your clients. It will make you look great to your clients without the extra work! Join fellow tax professionals who are enjoying the benefits and seeing strong results.

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